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Customer Reviews.
See what our customers are saying about Helix.
  • K
    • Kimie B. Verified Buyer
    • 8/15/17
    Pretty good mattress, can't beat the price, some issues with delivery
    Overall we are happy with our purchase. However, delivery was frustrating. We had ordered it within the delivery window listed on the website to arrive before we left to go out of town. I hadn't seen any shipping update after a few days and sent them an email. They responded immediately about delays in manufacturing and said shipping updates could only be made through UPS. We tried through numerous ways to reschedule the shipping date with UPS and were unable to and had to rearrange our travel plans as a result. This was extremely inconvenient and would have been helpful to know earlier on. That said, the mattress arrived as pictured. It was very firm to start with but softened up after about a week. I think it's still a little more firm than we expected - maybe our sleep quiz answers weren't super accurate - but overall a good quality product and great value for the price.
  • C
    • Clarissa W. Verified Buyer
    • 8/15/17
    Was scared to buy online, great purchase!
    I was super nervous about buying a mattress online, reviews can be extreme one way or another but I found a reputable mattress reviewer website that listed Helix and top 5 for online mattresses and side sleepers. This was an excellent purchase. I was having major back problems (despite "trying out" the mattress in a store) from a mattress at a large retailer and I was getting desperate. I loved the 100% refund guarantee which was the reason I decided to go for it. Initially I had some neck problems, but after I also got a new pillow, my back and neck were back to normal and I have not had any problems after sleeping on both for about a month. Also, my husband and I are about 70 lbs different and needed different support so the doublesided king was perfect for us. I would highly recommend Helix!
  • J
    • Jordan L. Verified Buyer
    • 8/15/17
    Great Product!
    I actually bought this mattress for my niece, Jordan, as a wedding gift since I love my own mattress so much. I'm planning on upgrading to a king soon! There should be a frequent buyer's club!
  • T
    • Thomas A. Verified Buyer
    • 8/15/17
    Great Bed
    I've only slept on the bed for 3 months but so far so good! It definitely takes a few weeks to get used to a new bed and this one was no different. After the break-in period we started feeling better in the AM. We got the coldest option possible since we get hot at night and honestly we haven't felt THAT much of a difference from our old mattress. Overall this is a great bed and I hope it holds up for years to come.
  • D
    • Doug K. Verified Buyer
    • 8/15/17
    I never knew support until I slept on my Helix mattress the first time. I woke up without any aches or pains and actually felt like I had a restful nights sleep. Definitely worth the purchase!
  • K
    • Kory W. Verified Buyer
    • 8/15/17
    Worth every penny
    I wasn't too sure about buying a bed online but this was a great choice. From doing the quiz to quick delivery this was a great idea. At first the bed was too stiff but after a couple night sleeps to break it in it feels perfect. The bed is made with great materials and the foundation is very sturdy. I have told many people about this bed!
  • C
    • Colline O. Verified Buyer
    • 8/14/17
    Good for very different people
    My husband and I are enjoying our bed. We have very different ideas of comfort - he likes a firm bed and I need a soft one- and this bed does both. It is more comfortable than the sleep number we had.
  • J
    • James V. Verified Buyer
    • 8/14/17
    We bought this for are fifth wheel and went on are first trip to South Dakota Your mattress is awsome I did not wake up soaked in sweat best purchase
  • A
    • Anna W. Verified Buyer
    • 8/14/17
    Easy and Comfy
    Even if this mattress wasn't the most comfortable,it would be worth it to avoid skeezy salesmen. I loved having it arrive at my door one day and ready to sleep on the next! There was an adjustment period for my back, but by the end of the 100 days, everything was good to go! Easily comparable to mattresses I have purchased in stores, but without any unpleasant shopping. Would recommend, would buy again.
  • B
    • Brandyn K. Verified Buyer
    • 8/14/17
    The best sleep ever!!!
    My wife and I have had the Helix mattress for 3 months or so now and honestly have had the best sleep we have ever had. I myself am a hot sleeper and usually have a leg out the side with covers off and this mattress is cool as a cumcuber. We will only be buying from Helix from now on.
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