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How It Works.

Make your nights as unique as your days. You’re an individual, and now you can sleep like one.

  • Individualized Comfort.
    Comfort means something different to everyone. With a mattress made-to-order specifically for your needs, preferences, and body type, you’ll get a new, personal type of comfort that you could never find off the shelf.
  • Personal Sleep is Better Sleep.
    Your Helix Mattress will be designed to align your spine as you sleep. A straight spine reduces neck and back pain, improves sleep quality, and increases REM sleep efficiency. That leads to a better you - all day long.
  • Trust the Science.
    Helix’s cutting edge sleep technology measures four distinct mattress performance characteristics - feel, support, temperature regulation, and point elasticity. This means you get the right bed for you, with no bells, whistles, or haggling with pushy sales people.
Dive deeper into the Helix Sleep science.
Let’s Go »
Your personalized Helix Mattress in only 2-3 minutes? We think that’s pretty good for something you’ll spend ⅓ of your life using.
Think of the personalization label like a name tag. Now it’s easy to get acquainted with your new Helix Mattress.
Mattress Nerds rejoice. Learn more about the science behind your Helix Mattress here »
Your personalized Helix Mattress will arrive in this easy to roll octagonal box, making set-up as much of a breeze as setting up a mattress can be.
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    Get Personal.

    Take our 2-3 minute Sleep Quiz. We’ll capture all we need to know to build your Helix Mattress, from preferences, to body type, to sleeping style. And don’t worry, there are no wrong answers.

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    Get Customized.

    We’ll personalize your design and custom make the most comfortable, supportive, and “you” mattress out there. Your mattress is now your mattress.

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    Get Ready for Bed.

    Your made-to-order Helix Mattress will arrive on your doorstep within 7-10 business days. Open the box and let your mattress get settled for about 45 minutes. And then? Well, in this case, you certainly don’t lose if you snooze.

Now, Ready to Get Started?

Your Helix Mattress is personalized by you, custom made by us, and waiting. Take our quick 2-3 minute Sleep Quiz now.

Have questions? We’re here to help.
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