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Customer Reviews.
See what our customers are saying about Helix.
  • C
    • Christopher N. Verified Buyer
    • 6/26/17
    Absolutely amazing service.
    Ordered a new Helix mattress due to chronic and increasingly debilitating back pain with my previous latex slab. After 3 days on my Helix mattress, the pain returned! I contacted Helix support for a refund. Helix Customer Support offered me a mattress topper to try first, which I gladly accepted. However, the back pain almost immediately went away.. I just needed those 3 days to break the bed in! Since then I have been sleeping sound and waking up with very little discomfort. This bed changed my life, and I am only 28. I now have a VERY high quality topper I can use for other things. Thank you so much Helix, I love the support and my mattress! -Chris N
  • D
    • Drew C. Verified Buyer
    • 6/26/17
    Fantastic Mattress
    The delivery and unboxing of the mattress was great. It is a compact size that makes moving it around practical. Absolutely fascinating to watch the mattress expand.
  • J
    • Joshua H. Verified Buyer
    • 6/26/17
    Best mattress I've ever had
    My partner and I were hesitant to spend such a large amount on a piece of furniture, but it was absolutely worth it. Love our custom mattress and couldn't imagine sleeping anywhere else.
  • L
    • Lawrence P. Verified Buyer
    • 6/25/17
    Great Mattress
    We have been sleeping on our Helix mattress for 2 months, and we love it. My wife and I order the standard king, and chose the blended option. Our settings were nearly the same, so it made sense. From the first night sleep, we could tell we made the right decision. I am 6'3" and weigh 290. I have broad shoulders, and mostly sleep on my side. I really enjoy how the mattress both lets me contour, but still supports me in the right places. I would definitely recommend Helix.
  • O
    • Olivia A. Verified Buyer
    • 6/25/17
    Love this mattress
    I really love my Helix mattress. I went to the showroom to test it first and loved it.
  • E
    • Edward D. Verified Buyer
    • 6/25/17
    I'll be honest, I was pretty skeptical about buying a mattress online. I went ahead due to the 100 sleep guarantee. The ability to customize the mattress to my needs was the biggest factor in choosing Helix. I couldn't be more pleased! This mattress is awesome! I used to wake up with shoulder pain (I'm a side sleeper) but no more now that I'm sleeping on my Helix. I recommend it to everyone I talk to!!
  • S
    • Sheena J. Verified Buyer
    • 6/25/17
    Great Buy
    We are loving our bed! The questionnaire was thorough and was able to create a mattress that both my husband and I could use (firm on his side soft on mine)! The mattresses was made and shipped fast! The packaging was great and mattress was easy to get in place (with a little muscle). My husband absolutely LOVES his side, and is so excited to get in bed each night. He sleeps better and isn't snoring like he used to. My side is the 2nd softest setting, and is a little too firm for me. I will probably get the softest setting next time. BUT it is still comfortable and I am sleeping great!
  • H
    • Hector C. Verified Buyer
    • 6/25/17
    Best sleep in years!!!
    Really comfortable, would recommend to buy!
  • M
    • Mackenzie W. Verified Buyer
    • 6/25/17
    Zero Complaints
    Best bed we've ever had. Nights used to consist of kicking a leg out to keep cool, and mornings consisted of back pain. This bed breathes, keeping us cool at night, and it's structured comfort has essentially eliminated waking up sore. Highly recommend!
  • B
    • Brendan V. Verified Buyer
    • 6/24/17
    Great mattress
    We love the helix mattress. It's used infrequently since it's for our guest bedroom, but everyone says they like it!
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