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About Us.

At Helix Sleep, we get ridiculously excited about mattresses.
We are passionate people who focus everyday, and dream every
night, about making your mattress as unique as you.

Our Philosophy
The world is made up of individuals with different wants, needs, and styles. Off the shelf solutions are no longer solutions. One option is no longer an option. Companies and products should allow you to be you. And being who you are starts with how you sleep.
Some of our
microcoils which keep
you cool at night.
We use your body type and sleeping preferences, combined with the world’s leading research on sleep ergonomics and biomechanics (which is just a fancy way of saying “mattress science”), to optimize your Helix Mattress specifically for you, by you. Build Your Helix Mattress »
Customer Experience.
We’ve been the customer. And because we understand the pain, we aim to offer the best possible experience - from high quality products, to value based prices, to world class customer service. That’s why, whether you call, email, or chat, you’re always talking to a human being. You’re a person, not a commission.
A shot from our
factory in Chicago.
When it comes to quality sleep, a quality mattress made of quality materials is vital. Enter our Chicago-based manufacturer who has been building beds for over 30 years. They understand how High-Grade Polyfoam provides stability while Helix Dynamic Foam optimizes for reactive comfort and pressure relief and Pocketed Microcoils offer a light bounce and improved airflow. Together, these materials make your perfect Helix Mattress. And we’re proud that your perfect Helix Mattress is completely made in the USA.
Co-Founders and Mattress Nerds;
Jerry, Kristian & Adam.
Meet The Mattress Nerds.
Though we’ve been sleeping on mattresses our whole
lives, we only began obsessing over them after our shared
mattress woes moving to a new city a few years ago.
Since then, we have spent an inordinate amount
of time with mattresses in our heads, and, as you can
see, on our heads as well. We built Helix Sleep
to offer an incredibly personalized solution based
on data, analytics, and continuous feedback:
maxims we live by everyday.
We’re hiring! Join our team of Mattress Nerds. See Jobs »
Have questions? We’re here to help.
Get in touch.
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